Hattie Evans

- is a London based graphic designer, and 2020 graduate from Falmouth University. 
    With a focus on branding, experience design and editorial, creating memorable experiences and generating an emotive response is at the core of all projects.

One Minute Briefs


The Sonosynthesiser

‘The Sonosynthesiser’ harmonises far-off and forgotten soundscapes, creating a space where past and present can play out in sync. Using the hand-held device, you’ll be able to locate and amplify fragments of sound from as far back as 1907. From a marriage in Mumbai, to bird calls in The Blue Mountains, explore echoes of worlds which may no longer even exist.
    My role in this collaborative project was the design and creation of the “prop” that housed the app. The brief was set by ex Falmouth graduate Emily Sorrell, and working with two fellow peers, we presented our proposal and won the brief, consequently displaying our work at three exhibitions, including the final experience at the Watershed in Bristol.

Photos by Matt Cannon

Product, Experience, Exhibition