Hattie Evans

- is a London based graphic designer, and 2020 graduate from Falmouth University. 
    With a focus on branding, experience design and editorial, creating memorable experiences and generating an emotive response is at the core of all projects.

One Minute Briefs



A typographic work exploring the theme of ‘Lost’. Dis-Location aims to make the audience feel lost and dislocated from what they are viewing. 
    To truly emulate the feeling of being lost, the creator should too feel lost during the process; therefore all of the content was collected with minimal control.
    Using mapcrunch.com, locations were randomly selected that would provide the letterforms for the typeface and the images that would be paired with quotes. The quotes were simply overheard lines of conversations between strangers, recorded completely out of context.
    The project also references our current society; with advances in technology, humans have never been so connected with each other and with google street view we can visit anywhere in the world with one click. Yet there’s an absence of intimacy and presence; the connection is with screen rather than people.

Typography, Website