Hattie Evans

- is a London based graphic designer, and 2020 graduate from Falmouth University. 
    With a focus on branding, experience design and editorial, creating memorable experiences and generating an emotive response is at the core of all projects.

One Minute Briefs



Inspired by it’s original definition - library of phonograph records - Discothéque is a mobile disco library, housing an abundance of disco related content for users to interact with.
    At it’s simplest level, users can explore the collection of records and listen to some the greatest disco songs; the aim of which is to ultimately provide a joyful experience.
    Equally as important is helping people to understand that disco is more than just a genre of music. Through the inclusion of books and video, Discothéque provides them with knowledge of disco as a culture and movement.
    Included in the mobile disco library, there are individual outcomes including two videos, showcasing two sides of disco - ‘The Funk’ and ‘The Fight’. Additionally there is the ‘Disco Directory’, a print booklet given to users to allow their exploration and education of disco to continue beyond the installation.

Please contact if you are interested in getting involved with the development of Discothéque

Experience, Installation, Video, Print