Hattie Evans

- is a London based graphic designer, and 2020 graduate from Falmouth University. 
    With a focus on branding, experience design and editorial, creating memorable experiences and generating an emotive response is at the core of all projects.

One Minute Briefs



This was a concept for a Valentines Day social media campaign for Heinz.    
    The original idea came from a brief created by “One Minute Briefs” to create posters to advertise tinned food. The slideshow shows a rough drawing of my original idea that then turned into a poster based on the idea of “Love at first bite”. I then took this forward to create the final short video and animation for social media under the campaign title of #ValentinezMeanzHeinz.

Campaign Concept, Animation

The Sonosynthesiser

‘The Sonosynthesiser’ harmonises far-off and forgotten soundscapes, creating a space where past and present can play out in sync. Using the hand-held device, you’ll be able to locate and amplify fragments of sound from as far back as 1907. From a marriage in Mumbai, to bird calls in The Blue Mountains, explore echoes of worlds which may no longer even exist.
    My role in this collaborative project was the design and creation of the “prop” that housed the app. The brief was set by ex Falmouth graduate Emily Sorrell, and working with two fellow peers, we presented our proposal and won the brief, consequently displaying our work at three exhibitions, including the final experience at the Watershed in Bristol.

Photos by Matt Cannon

Product, Experience, Exhibition

Figures of the Future

A campaign to re-engage teenagers with the LEGO® brand by giving them a platform to speak out on issues they care about, through the creation and personalisation of their own LEGO® minifigure.
    By doing so they are joining a virtual movement to rebuild the world, with every member of the movement being shown to the world on interactive digital billboards.
    ‘Figures of the Future’ gives young people a voice, helping them to raise awareness for the cause that matters to them most; by providing them with the opportunity to donate to a charity that supports that cause, they can make even more of a difference.

Entry for the D&AD New Blood 2020 

Campaign, Advertising, Website


A publication showcasing a series of panoramas of Falmouth car parks.
    Car Parks can be seen as ‘ugly’ and as a disruption to the scenery and beauty of a place. In the book, this disruption is mimicked through interference with the images.

Exhibited at: Nowhere Exhibition - Falmouth University

Print, Photography, Exhibition

Amazon Attenborough

‘Amazon Attenborough’ uses the voice of national treasure, David Attenborough, to remind people of the impact they have on the planet, with the ultimate goal of changing people's behaviours for the better.
    It does this by utilising a product that’s centred around a voice and is present in the homes of many - The Amazon Echo.
    The voice of David Attenborough will replace Alexa for one week, with the purpose of reminding and informing users of simple ways they can reduce their impact on the environment. Simply the presence of his voice will remind people of what he represents and what truly matters - our planet; but users are also given opportunities through Amazon to donate to the World Land Trust, making an even bigger difference.

Identity, Campaign, Video